Create Your Own Booking Engine

Easy and Quick to Implement - Start selling with Online Availability and transparent pricing
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See how easy it is to set up your Booking Engine

In order to use the Booking Engine, log in to your account. If you don't have one, you can register at or contact our support team at

The following video shows the steps to create your own Booking Engine and embed into your own website.  It's easy!



Few of the many benefits are listed below. We will be happy to show you the full list of benefits once start using  the Booking Engine. Just schedule a call or leave your contact details to the below form and we will contact you shortly. 

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Online Availability

Even thought RFPs have been the most widely used booking method, the customer experience still hasn't reach its full potential as most of the times the availability needs to be requested through an email or by calling the venue. The Booking Engine brings the customer experience to a whole different level allowing the customers to instantly check the availability of your meeting rooms.'s Booking Engine gives us a comprehensive system to manage our online booking for meeting rooms from our website. Our meeting spaces are displayed in a compelling way with high quality images and detailed info so that customers can clearly see what facilities are available.The set up steps are simple and quick to make as well. Thanks to the support of the team, we are now fully integrating the Booking Engine into our system.

Anabell Gillespie Sales Manager @ Malone Lodge Hotel & Apartments

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Higher Conversion - More Sales

Increase your conversions to above 70% compared to existing RFPs method.  Customers instantly get information related to prices and availability and saves several hours of your time while formulating quotations with low conversion potential.  This significantly increases confirmations and tremendously enhances the customer experience. A true win-win situation for everyone! See how it looks for the customer


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Upsell Your Products & Services

Your services are tailored? No worries, you can upload your products and services on the catalog to promote your Food & Beverage offer. The customers will be able to select the items while making the booking and, through the order management page, you will be able to update the final offer until the day before the event. This is an excellent way to boost your sales and increase the customer satisfaction!
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Flexible Pricing & Online Payment 

The Booking Engine enables you to give transparent pricing and you can easily enable online payment possibility for your customers. Customers can choose service options that you offer and see the total price right away on your site. In addition to this, you can also add:

  • seasonal prices. E.g. lower prices for low-season 
  • corporate or discount codes to cater the needs of your corporate customers.'s Booking Engine revolutionizes the way venues receive and manage bookings on their website. By using the Booking Engine, our partners have the full access to the comprehensive Order Managment and other powerful features available in

Alice Moretti Key Account Manager -

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